Popular Japanese Exfoliating Nylon Bath Towel with Kitty Pattern. Two patterns to choose from.


Exfoliating Nylon Bath Towel is the best bath product for removing dead skin cells, stimulating blood circulation, eliminating impurities, and unclogging pores.


Directions for Use
1. Jump in the shower and let the water slightly soften and warm up your skin for a few minutes

2.Wet the Japanese Exfoliating Towel thoroughly, then apply your favorite body wash or shower gel and work the towel into a lather

3. When finished, rinse the towel thoroughly of any soap residue and hang to dry

For Deep Exfoliation
Use the length of the towel to scrub across your back. Massage dry areas such as elbows, knees, and feet in slow circular motions.

For a Lighter Exfoliation or a Full Body Clean
Fold up the towel and gently scrub your entire body.


Cat Pattern Exfoliating Nylon Bath Towel

SKU: 51708876
  • Made in Japan

    Size: 9.8 x 39.32 inches

    Materials: Nylon

    Package: Individual Package

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