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Two adorable dogs enjoy a romantic picnic, completing a puzzle and spinning together as 'Waltz of the Flowers' plays.


This item is handmade. It may have color variations or slight imperfections. These imperfections are inherent to handcrafted items and should be viewed as part of its natural beauty.


To wind up the Music Box, simply twist the key at the base of the design. There is a switch on the side of each design to start and stop the music and movement.


WARNING: CAUTION: Not a toy. Collectible item only. May contain small parts which present a choking hazard for young children.

Dog Lovers Wooden Music Box

SKU: 1060627
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  • Product No: 1060627

    ✔ Material: Sustainably-sourced timber
    ✔ Movement: triggered by winding key, One-switch to stop music
    ✔ Music: Waltz of the Flowers