For many of us, toy blocks have helped us build some of our fondest childhood memories, literally. And it’s no wonder that we hold them so dear – these simple, wooden toys are in fact some of the first building blocks of learning. Not only do they keep babies and young children busy and entertained, but they also introduce them to a set of cognitive and motor skills which are very important for their development.

This item is hand made. It may have color variations or slight imperfections. These imperfections are inherent to handcrafted items and should be viewed as part of its natural beauty.

Mix and Match Wooden Block - Elephant Car

SKU: 1682907
  • Product No: 1682907
    ✔ Packaged Size: (L)7.5x(W)5.5x(H)2.5in
    ✔ Material: Sustainably-sourced timber
    ✔ Recommended age 3+